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The Sisters in Crime organization, based in the US, has been actively engaging in their mission to support and promote women crime writers for over 30 years. Our Chapter was formed over 25 years ago to carry out that mission for Canadians.


Among the many ways our Chapter supports the mission:

Discounts on Publications!

In addition to the above benefits, Sisters in Crime has negotiated terrific discounts for all their Members on mystery and industry-related magazines! Click here to see the list and details! [PDF]

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When you join/renew with the Mothership (SinC International) you will automatically be able to enjoy to Full SinC Member benefits. If you are a writer, or aspiring to be one, the access to resources, webinars, workshops, promotion and online support groups are invaluable.

You can pay the C$40 Chapter fee securely online (see button, below). If you prefer to pay in cash or credit card in person, attend one of our monthly meetings and we would be happy to help you.



NOTE: Even if you pay using the secure PayPal link above, please take a moment at the next meeting to fill out our Membership Form so we can get so we can keep up to date with contact info, whether your an (un)published writer or reader, and where you heard about us. Thanks very much!!

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