The Whole She-Bang 3 !

The Toronto Chapter of Sisters in Crime is thrilled to announce publication of our third anthology (The Whole She-Bang 3) November of 2016. Thank you to all the veteran and nascent authors for makeing our judges' jobs even harder with the diversity and quality of your submissions!

The Whole She-Bang 2

cover of Whole She-Bang 2We are so excited about the tremendous positive reception our second anthology has received.

From The Globe and Mail:

...The Sisters in Crime anthologies showcase some known and many (as yet) unknown writers. This new one includes a great piece by the late much-loved Lou Allin, as well as a batch of good stories from writers Catherine Astolfo, Melodie Campbell and Jill Downie. There’s humour, plenty of suspense and some real drama here and it’s great for filling in those moments while you’re waiting for the gravy to thicken or the potatoes to boil and you don’t want to get too involved in a long book.

From The Toronto Star:

In the 24 stories ... we get countless small pleasures. A story by Linda Wiken gives us a Toronto Police DI named Anne Mason whose understated but shrewd style would make her welcome in a whole novel. Susan Daly presents a juicy story of confrontations between characters based on Rob Ford and Margaret Atwood. Elizabeth Hosang’s story examines the possibilities of justifiable homicide in the case of two neighbours who have different ideas about gardens. Enough other treats along similar lines make the collection a Sisterly success.

A big Thank You goes out to the fantastic award-winning authors who have blurbed our book: Louise Penny, Scott MacKay, and Elizabeth Duncan.

If you missed your chance earlier, you can buy copies here:

Children's Book Bank - childhood literacyA little-known fact about our anthologies: 50% of our net proceeds goes to the Children's Book Bank. So, in addition to getting a diverse sampler of mystery authors to try out, you are also supporting a worthy cause: childhood literacy!

Below are the 21 members of Sisters in Crime in Canada who have contributed to create this exciting collection of 24 stories, ranging from noir to cozy, funny to thrilling and everywhere in between. Contains Arthur Ellis Finalist, "First Impressions" by Madona Skaff.

Download a Sampler [PDF] with the Table of Contents, Introduction by Lesley Mang, and three of the short stories.


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Our chapter published our first anthology (see below) in October 2012. We sold over 600 copies, paid our authors and donated over $800 to the Children's Book Bank with our efforts. It was also thrilling not only to have established authors like Edgar Award winner Sylvia Maultash Warsh, and novelist Vicki Delany in the collection, but we provided several authors with their first publication credit. Having the anthology reviewed in the Toronto Star was a highlight, too.

The Whole She-Bang cover

The Whole She-Bang! An Anthology

Created to celebrate Toronto Sisters in Crime's twentieth anniversary, The Whole She-Bang contains 20 stories ranging from noir to cozy, locales from Canada to Vietnam, and protagonists from cops to amateur sleuths. There's something here for every mystery lover.

Are you looking to discover a new voice in mystery fiction? Or read a new entry from one of your favourite authors? This short story collection is an opportunity to dabble in the diversity of our Sisterhood's creativity.

Purchase your own copy in e-book or print format through the following vendors:

Download a Sampler [PDF] with the Table of Contents, Introduction by Helen Nelson, and three of the short stories.


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